Next Generation Software Solutions

A Bit Of Future supports society (organizations and individuals) to create next-generation software and make use of digitally responsible solutions.


A Bit Of Future BV is a software company born as a joint effort of Liliana Carrillo (CollectiveUP BV) and Koen Achtergaele.

On one hand, with her 20 years of experience in technology R&D, Liliana brings innovation for the longer term to A Bit Of Future, caring for sustainability matters. And, on the other hand, with 20 years of experience in software development, Koen makes innovation a tangible reality in the short term, creating software that solves challenges. That is why Liliana and Koen are so complementary, taking into account shorter and longer term goals to create innovative and sustainable software solutions

Team members

Liliana Carrillo

Is the co-founder of A Bit Of Future, co-CEO, and Chief Innovation Officer.  Liliana is a head full of ideas, ready to innovate and think big for your company.

Koen Achtergaele

Is the co-founder of A Bit Of Future, co-CEO, and Chief Operations Officer. Koen has a no-nonsense attitude and loves to solve intellectually challenging problems.

Jeffrey Groeninckx

Is the Chief Sales Officer at A Bit Of Future. Jeffrey has a passion for electronics, and computer science. His passion brought him to the automation of production lines and now to account manager for efficient software solutions.


Custom Software
Technical, Functional and Business Analysis
Software Design and Architecture

Custom Training
Planning Solutions
Advice and Consulting


We use Design Thinking processes to understand your challenge, and create a map of needs.

We analyse the needs, ideate solutions and design wireframes
From wireframes, we code software solutions for different environments (Linux, Windows) and using several coding languages.
We maintain your software solutions via regular updates and test sessions to keep your systems safe.
We teach you and train you how to use our solutions and how to keep them safe by yourself.

We keep up-to-date with technology evolutions (centralized and decentralized databases, artificial intelligence, blockchain…) to keep your business in the front line! We warrant innovative software solutions that follow the latest trends.

Contact Us

Liliana Carrillo (CIO): +32 486 391 396

VAT number BE 0783.943.112 – RPR Ghent, division Ghent
Bank account number: IBAN: BE88 7350 6123 1741 – BIC: KREDBEBB